Friday, April 6, 2012

D is for Dice Bags

My brother got me a new dice bag by Games by Gamers when we were at GaryCon as a belated birthday present. I had been in the market for a new dice bag for a while. My previous bag, while still in good condition, really didn't meet my needs so it was due to be replaced.

For a long time, I never carried my dice in a bag. I would either keep my dice in the same container I bought them in if I bought a set, or throw loose ones in a jar that my brother and I kept. For a short period of time, I kept a set of the usual standards in a small BreathSavers tin. But eventually, my collection grew to this.

And I needed something that could carry all that. My previous dice bag was large enough, maybe too large. It was made of a thin material and was a hassle to carry around. My new bag is just the right size for all the dice I need to carry, is made of sturdier material, and sits upright when open. It's a definite improvement over the rattling black bag I had before.

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