Saturday, July 9, 2011

A little side project I will be working on the next couple of months.

Before I packed up my things and moved out East, I spent Father's Day weekend in western Illinois with my Dad. Dave the Elder is a contractor and farmer who built the home on the 150 acre land that he and my stepmother now live in. They have a lot of stuff in that house, and some of it belonged to my brother and I from when we were children that he asked us to take with us when we went home.

Want to see what I got?

This, dear reader, is what remains of the 1979 Kenner Millennium Falcon playset my parents bought me when I was a child. I loved this thing and was convinced it was lost forever. Not anymore. However it is missing some pieces and the years of sitting in various boxes and basements haven't been too kind to it. But is is repairable, and I am determined to get this thing cleaned up and back in one piece. It'll take some cleaning and some ordering of replacement parts and decals, maybe even a coat of paint. But it will be a nice little project to work on in my free time, and provide me with a nice, geeky, little conversation piece.

Any advice would be welcome.


  1. No advice but that is so cool. Growing up my best friend had one, and an AT-AT, Death Star etc etc. I didn't. Boo hoo.

    Just as an aside, was watching Toy Story 3 tonight and at the end when Andy gives his toys away as he goes to college, my wife turned to me and our two kids and said, "And when he's thirty-five he'll buy them all back again."

    Ouch. Harsh but fair.

  2. Now that is really cool. Not sure what ever happened to my Star Wars stuff. Don't think I had a lot, since I was starting to outgrow toys when the movie came out. Good luck getting back into pristine condition!
    And Blogger is having issues - this is the third time I've tried to post a comment!