Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is for Beginings, New

My Saturday Engines and Empires game finally came to an end today. Now, that wouldn't normally seem like something to be happy about unless the game was bad or the other players were a bunch of jerks. But my GM was John Higgins, creator of Engines and Empires (which I will talk about Wednesday), who knows how to tell a story and allow players to do what they want. I also made a lot of new friends in my fellow players, so that isn't an issue either. So why is the end of a six-month long campaign a good thing?
For one thing, I have been a GM for the majority of my gaming tenure, so it was nice to finally be out from behind the screen and acting as a player again. And being on the other side has allowed me to re-evaluate my GM skills and approach to the game. I also took a character from a simple archetype to a fleshed out character. Though that story will have to wait until Monday, what it I can tell you is that it inspired me to try something new as a GM.
Basically, my character went from a standard fighter to a lord with a run down barony to oversee. Even before the campaign ended he was spending his share of the treasure on rebuilding the infrastructure of this place. And that gave me an idea; what if in the middle of this rebuilding a new evil emerged? One that is too small for a high-level party like mine to face, but too big to ignore. One that would require a new party of young, low-level adventurers to face.
So after talking it over with John, I am now working on what I hope will be my first OSR module for the Engines and Empires game, with my character as an NPC and his barony as the setting. While I have created my own adventures before as a GM, this will be the first time I try to do something that is for lack of a better word, official. I just hope I am up to it.
Next week, I start on a new campaign in a space opera setting. Same GM, same players, new game. Sometimes the end is the end, and sometimes it is just another chapter.


  1. Good luck on the module! And, nice "B" post.

  2. Thanks. I just hope I can keep up with the blogging.

  3. I look forward to seeing your module... whether I get to read it or play it first. :D I'm sure John would be happy to run a one-shot with it for play-testing.